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When should you go for an eye exam?

When your body doesn’t feel right, you go to the doctor to find out what’s wrong. But sometimes, you need a doctor’s attention and you don’t even know it. Your eyes can have underlying issues that need to be looked at, but how do you know when it’s time to visit your eye doctor? Let’s go over a few tips that everyone should keep in mind.
Mar 30 ,2017 Published in Visual Health Themes: graduation  |  review

The best Oakley Running glasses

Running takes a toll on your body and mind, and for people who are avid runners, they can’t afford to waste their training time fiddling with poor fitting gear. From their shoes to their water bottle, runners need reliable equipment, and their sunglasses are no different.

One sports brand in particular, Oakley, offers a plethora of frames geared toward committed runners, and today we’re going to take a look at their collection.

Mar 15 ,2017 Published in Sports Glasses Themes: running  |  oakley  |  sports

Understanding the size of your Eyeglasses

Have you ever looked closely at your eyeglass frames and observed very small numbers printed on the frame? You probably wondered what they were for, and figured it was an industry only piece of information. In reality, those numbers can mean something to you, and being informed about your frames will help you shop for them in the future!

Feb 22 ,2017 Published in Eyeglasses Themes: size  |  eyeglasses

Get noticed in your Sunglasses. Trends For 2017

Eyewear trends come and go with the tide, but some styles have real staying power that we’ve experienced over the last several years. In 2017, we’re going to see a few of the same looks as in previous years, but with a little bit of a twist. Let’s take a sneak peek at what’s in store for this year!
Feb 07 ,2017 Published in Sunglasses

Key aspects to consider when purchasing Cycling Glasses

If you’re an avid cyclist, it’s important that you have good equipment. You place great emphasis on your gear, your clothing, and your electronics. But do you place as much thought into your eyewear as you do everything else? For anyone who wears eye protection while riding, the type of glasses you wear can be extremely important.

Jan 25 ,2017 Published in Sports Glasses

An essential aspect of Proper Glasses, your Pupillary Distance

It might seem like getting glasses ordered should be a snap. You pick out your frames and you’re all done! While opticians work behind the scenes to make it seem easy, there are actually many measurements and calculations that go into a quality pair of eyewear.

Jan 20 ,2017 Published in Visual Health Themes: graduation  |  pupillary

Your eyeglass Prescription - What does it entail?

Every year when you get your eyes examined by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, you end up getting sent home with a piece of paper. On it are words and numbers that seem like gibberish, but in reality they contain the key to allowing your vision to be crystal clear.
Nov 28 ,2016 Published in Visual Health Themes: prescription  |  eyeglasses

When your performance relies on clear vision, choose Oakley Prizm lenses

You’re about to sink the winning putt, or you’re seconds ahead of your competitor on your last lap, and suddenly the sun gets in your eyes. If this has happened to you before, you probably weren’t wearing quality sunglasses.
Nov 25 ,2016 Published in Sunglasses Themes: lenses  |  oakley

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