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  • Sigle vision lenses

    If your prescription indicates a positive or negative sphere, or you have myopia or hyperopia, select these lenses. Single vision lenses correct only one type of vision, either for near, or far, but not for both at the same time.

    Lenses to correct far vision (myopia) or near vision (hyperopia)

    18.43 £


    Varifocal lenses

    If your prescription shows an Addition (ADD), or you need glasses to correct your vision for near and far at the same time, select these varifocal lenses.

    Lenses to correct vision both far and near, also called Progressives

    from 76.65 £

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    76.65 £

    Normal vision

    Lenses with a standard vision area, recommended for low graduation values

    154.26 £

    Wide vision

    Lenses with an enlarged area of vision (+40%) to improve comfort and for a shorter adaptation period

    193.07 £

    Maximum vision

    Lenses with a maximum area of vision (+60%) to get used to them even faster; recommended for large graduation values
  • Non-Prescription lenses

    If you want to use your glasses as a fashion accessory, but you do not need to correct your vision, select these lenses with neutral correction.

    Non-Prescription lenses, for use as a fashion accessory

    18.43 £

Prada Minimal Baroque PR 27NS 2AU6S1

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Lens Price: 0

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